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Dead Simple ASP.NET MVC Authentication

You may already know that, due to its lightweight architecture, ASP.NET MVC makes it simple to get a website up and running. But another advantage to such a manageable framework is how simple it is to implement any necessary component with just the bare minimum functionality. One such requirement is the need to enforce Forms […]

C# MVC SubSonic T4 Web Development

MVC Attributes with SubSonic ActiveRecord T4 Templates

One of my favorite features of the ASP.NET MVC Framework is the ability to include form validation out of the box using Attributes. Marking a Model with the Required attribute and including a few script references enables a built-in framework that validates your forms automatically. However, my ORM tool, SubSonic, by default doesn’t account for […]

C# Sitefinity Toolkit Web Development

Sitefinity Toolkit: Mobile Device Detection

IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR USERS OF SITEFINITY TOOLKIT 1.2 There is a compatibility issue between the Mobile Foundation library used for mobile detection and the Sitefinity Administration Login that could not be resolved. The Mobile Detection Module can still be used but the Mobile Foundation must be DISABLED in web.config by commenting out the related sections […]