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Check if a Sitefinity Module is Installed or Disabled

When working with the Sitefinity API and its various Content Managers, you need to make sure and consider the fact that after version 5.1, users have the ability to disable modules. Attempting to access the content manager of a disabled module will result in an exception such as this: [Exception: The configuration ‘EventsConfig’ is not […]

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Modifying Sitefinity Interface Labels and Messages

Sitefinity offers a simple way to customize the various interface labels and messages presented throughout the site. This includes content like validation errors, input field labels, and status notifications. These are available in the Administration Menu under Interface Labels & Messages. For convenience, the interface labels are grouped by type along the right side, and […]

API Code Sample Configuration Sitefinity Toolbox Widgets

Registering Toolbox Widgets During Sitefinity Module Installation

When developing a Sitefinity Intra-Site Module you’ll likely be creating public widgets that your users will be dropping onto pages. Rather than relying on your users to manually add them to the toolbox, you can register these controls yourself during module installation. Here is a demo code snippet that shows an example of how you […]