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Windows 10 Development: MvvmLight NavigationService and the Behaviors SDK

Following our last post, we now have a solid framework for our app to handle state and lifecycle. However, at this point we are still navigating the app directly from the code-behind of the Views, which ties the navigation to the platform code. In addition to cluttering up our code, this also restricts us from […]

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Windows 10 Development: Adding Design-Time Data with Blend

In our last post, we installed the MVVM Light Toolkit and defined the basic framework for a simple two-page app with the MVVM pattern. With the ViewModels we created, we now have the containers for the data, but it would be even more helpful to pre-populate them with some sample data to aid in the designing of […]


Windows Phone and MVVM Light: NavigationService and CanGoBack

MVVM Light is a simple yet powerful framework for developing apps, and with the latest version 5 includes a new cross-platform NavigationService to aid in abstracting the navigation component of your apps. However, looking at the implementation of the INavigationService interface, there is no property available to support the idea of CanGoBack, which is important for devices like Windows […]