Month: June 2012

Guide OpenAccess Sitefinity Version

Developing With Sitefinity When A Different Version of OpenAccess is Installed

One of the best features of Sitefinity is the inclusion of the fantastic ORM tool OpenAccess. However, one issue that can be a bit troublesome is the fact that Sitefinity has often shipped with a different version of OpenAccess that the latest. As a result, if you have the most recent OpenAccess installed, and try to build […]

API Code Sample Pages Permissions Sitefinity Widgets

Add Control to Sitefinity Page with Default Permissions

When adding controls to a Sitefinity page programmatically, by default it’s going to set restricted permissions so that only users in the Administrators role can view them. You can easily change this so that the widget is installed with the default permissions it would get by being dragged onto the page with the following code: […]

API Code Sample Configuration Sitefinity Toolbox Widgets

Registering Toolbox Widgets During Sitefinity Module Installation

When developing a Sitefinity Intra-Site Module you’ll likely be creating public widgets that your users will be dropping onto pages. Rather than relying on your users to manually add them to the toolbox, you can register these controls yourself during module installation. Here is a demo code snippet that shows an example of how you […]