Month: March 2013

ADO.NET ASP.NET Factory MySql Providers SqlServer web.config

Adding MySql.Data.MySqlClient to DBProviderFactories in ADO.NET

Today I had an opportunity to travel back in time all the way to 2005 and work with the classic ADO.NET classes in .NET. Needless to say, I’d forgotten everything about it… The end goal was to create a control that can connect to different databases, even different types of databases, and execute the same […]

C# Code Sample Configuration Modules Sitefinity

Check if a Sitefinity Module is Installed or Disabled

When working with the Sitefinity API and its various Content Managers, you need to make sure and consider the fact that after version 5.1, users have the ability to disable modules. Attempting to access the content manager of a disabled module will result in an exception such as this: [Exception: The configuration ‘EventsConfig’ is not […]