Month: August 2013

Javascript Kendo UI

Kendo UI: Creating an Dynamic Input Form from an External JSON ViewModel

One of my favorite features of Kendo UI is its support for MVVM through the kendo.observable object. Creating an observable ViewModel allows you to declaratively and intuitively bind data using the “data-bind” attribute, with virtually no code. Using this method, you can even generate a form on the fly, specifying not only different field types, […]


Dead Simple ASP.NET MVC Authentication

You may already know that, due to its lightweight architecture, ASP.NET MVC makes it simple to get a website up and running. But another advantage to such a manageable framework is how simple it is to implement any necessary component with just the bare minimum functionality. One such requirement is the need to enforce Forms […]

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One Giant Leap Motion

This post is inspired by Scott Hanselman’s recent review of the Leap Motion (Leap Motion: Amazing, Revolutionary, Useless). I found (and still believe) his comments about it failing to be a solid UI replacement for traditional devices like the mouse (Minority Report, like the Hoverboard, continues to be a pipe dream) to be true, but […]