Month: June 2014


Sitefinity Real-Time Notifications with SignalR

One of the more interesting technologies I discovered during my recent trip to Tech Ed 2014 is SignalR, which is a library for ASP.NET that allows real-time communication between the server and browser. This exciting platform enables bi-directional communication between a page and the server, allowing updates to be instantly pushed in either direction. Best […]


Porting a Windows App Studio Universal App to Android Using Xamarin

Microsoft’s App Studio is a fantastic tool to help you design and generate applications for Windows Phone as well as Universal Apps for both the phone and Windows. The online interface allows you to add content like RSS feeds, Facebook pages, Flicker photos and more with a few clicks, generating a complete Visual Studio solution […]


Xamarin Error: InitializeComponent does not exist in the current context

If you are working with Xamarin, perhaps in a shared environment, you may come across a new Forms Xaml Page that is in the file system but not yet included in your project. When you proceed to “Include in Project”, you may then encounter this error in the constructor of the ContentPage: InitializeComponent does not […]