Tech Ed 2014 Day Two

Day one at Tech Ed already set the bar high, but day two just smashed it open. So much going on, and it's way too much content to cram into a summary. Look for full, dedicated posts on some of these topics in the coming days and weeks as I dive deeper into my notes and re-watch the videos (not to mention the ones I missed)!

The Future of .NET on the Server - Scott Hanselman took another look at the topics previewed about .NET vNext yesterday, then took an even deeper dive in the next session. There's some really big changes coming, especially in the ASP.NET world, with MVC 6 no having no dependency on System.Web!

Next up was a session on the Future of C# and VB. I thought this was just going to be about new language features and keywords, but to my pleasant surprise it was all about Roslyn which is the code name for the next version of the CLR compiler. Microsoft has rewritten the entire thing from the ground up, open sourced, and modular, exposing a robust API to basically go full Inception on your code. I can't find the video for this session but I'll post it when I do, definitely my favorite of the day.

A Personal Triumph

I was looking forward to the next two sessions which were about Dependency Injection and Xamarin, but the first was full. Fortunately, next door was the Exam room, and I figured since I had the time, why not dive in?

Well where one door was closed a new one burst open as I succeeded in passing my very first Microsoft Certification: Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps in C#! This has been a professional goal of mine for YEARS, and thanks to Tech Ed (and especially to Falafel Software for the support), this has become a reality.

I definitely encourage anyone and everyone at the conference to stop by the exam area and get some info, and if you feel ready (or maybe like me, even if you don't!) go for it!

Josh Morales MCP

Keep It Coming!

I'm hoping that the sessions I missed will be up on Channel 9 soon, and will add to this post with some summaries and reactions when they do as part of today's coverage. But we're only halfway through! More to come tomorrow, and remember if you're at the conference be sure and say hello!

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