Tech Ed Day Four and Farewell

What a week it has been! My first major conference was a blast, and more than anything my favorite part has definitely been everything I have learned. I'm eager to go back and watch all the sessions I missed, even re-watch the ones I attended, and most of all, trying it all out!

Unfortunately a few of my sessions were cancelled today, so it was short. I spent some extra time browsing the Expo and found some pretty cool vendors doing some nifty stuff, and also visited the Study Hall for some resources and a practice test.

The Async Best Practices for C# and Visual Basic session was extremely valuable, especially since this is the stuff I found lacking in my prepraration for the C# exam. There's some great best practices for doing asynchronous coding, as well as some gotchas and strategies for increasing both performance and responsiveness without crippling or deadlocking your code.

The other session I visited was Building Microsoft Azure Mobile Services with Visual Studio (will update with a link when it's available), and it was a great intro and walkthrough creating a full sample app and backend service, showing how to consume it and even send post notifications all inside an hour. This was insanely valuable, and I'm eager to play with this and build some apps with it.

With that, it's time to say goodbye to Tech Ed 2014. With thanks to Falafel for the opportunity and Micrsoft for the event, it was one of the best experiences yet! I hope to get a chance to do it again some time, and in the meantime I can't wait to dive into all of the great things that Microsoft is doing.

If you attended, let me know how you fared, what sessions you liked, and if there's anything you'd like to hear more about! I have plenty of blogs in the pipeline about all of this stuff as I dig deeper into it, so stay tuned. AND don’t forget we have our very own FalafelCON event in September.

If you didn’t get enough at Tech Ed, you are absolutely not going to want to miss this! Until next time, so long Houston and Tech Ed!

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