Month: April 2012

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Enabling Special Characters in Sitefinity Page Titles

By default, Sitefinity disallows special characters in the SEO title for a page. This video demonstrates how to override this setting, allowing you to specify different restrictions (or remove them entirely). Regular Expressions You may have noticed that for the first regex property, I replaced it with [^\S\s]. The reason for this is that […]

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Programmatically Adding Controls to a Sitefinity Page

The PageManager in Sitefinity has a method called CreateControl that is overloaded to allow both Compiled (dll) controls as well as simple User Controls (.ascx files) to be initialized and added to a Sitefinity page. Both overloads require a string containing the name of the ContentPlaceholder that will hold the control, which is defined in […]

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Introducing WunderLook: An Outlook Add-in for Wunderlist

This is my first attempt at writing both an Outlook Add-in as well as developing with Wunderlist. They don’t have an official API that I could find, but I did discover the .NET Wunderlist API by lerainieur on SourceForge which is a major component of this project. Many thanks to the developer for making this […]