Month: September 2012

Administration Configuration Customization Localization Sitefinity

Modifying Sitefinity Interface Labels and Messages

Sitefinity offers a simple way to customize the various interface labels and messages presented throughout the site. This includes content like validation errors, input field labels, and status notifications. These are available in the Administration Menu under Interface Labels & Messages. For convenience, the interface labels are grouped by type along the right side, and […]

API Extensions Helpful Tools Pages Sitefinity

Detecting the Sitefinity Environment (Backend, Design, Preview, Edit) with the SystemManager

The Sitefinity SystemManager is a helper class that simplifies working within the Sitefinity system. Although it supports several advanced operations (such as loading configuration settings, registering web services, etc.) one of it’s most helpful features is the ability to report the current environment in which your code is executing. This is done through several helpful […]

Opinion Personal Rant Windows 8

Windows 8 Woes

Today, rather than spending my usually productive morning getting things done, I have to waste this time installing Windows 7 back on to my PC. Actually, what I meant is reinstalling Windows 7 after my Windows 8 RTM upgrade suffered some kind of horrendous crash, and failed miserably to recover, leaving me helpless, and worse, […]