SelArom Dot Net

I'm just this guy, you know?

About Me

I love all things Microsoft and Windows, and develop solutions for Web, Desktop and Mobile using the .NET Framework, Azure, UWP and everything else in the Microsoft Stack.

My other passion is music, and in my spare time I spin and produces electronic music under the name DJ SelArom.

I also like Futurama and Star Trek (the Prime universe, not that JJ Abrams knock-off), so if you want to chat about any of that too, drop me a line!

What I do

Software Development

Writing code is what I love to do, and I can do it for you.

Web Development

From a simple website to a full-blown custom application, I can build it for you!


Let my years of expertise help guide you to complete solutions.

Latest From the Blog

Restarting a Specific Azure Web App Instance

The Azure Portal allows you to restart a specific instance in your App Service, but how do you know which one is which? Read on for a helpful tip!

Posted in #Dev on 1/13/2021

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